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A Look at the Job of a Government Accountant

The biggest difference between a Government Accountant and other types of accountant is that the Government Accountant works specifically in the public sector. They receive the same training and have to meet all of the same requirements as public accountants only their job description varies from that of a CPA who most commonly prepares tax returns and handles estate planning.

A Government Accountant is responsible for the examination and maintenance of the financial records of government agencies. Another one of their main job duties is conducting audits on individuals and private businesses that by law are subject to the regulations and/or taxation on behalf of the government. They ensure that any revenue earned by the individual or business as well as their expenditures are made in accordance with the law. They can perform other duties as well depending on the position they hold with the government or the sector that they work in. Other duties may include budget analysis or the examination of various financial institutions. Examples of the various positions that can be held by Government Accountants are financial managers, Internal Revenue Service Agents and more.

Government Accountants certainly have interesting jobs to say the least. On one hand you have the auditors who are not always well liked by the general taxpaying public, and then there are the accountants. While number crunching may not sound like a very exciting way to spend your day, a Government Accountant gets an inside look at just how taxpayers money gets spent and who and what it goes to—something that many people which they could do! They also ensure that any money collected and spent by the government is done so according to the law and even help with things like creating budgets and tracking costs and have a hand at how the government spends money.

That in a nutshell is the job of a Government Accountant.