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Who is an ACCA Accountant?

An ACCA Accountant is an accountant who is certified by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) that is a British accountancy body offering Chartered certified accountant certificate as well as qualification all across the globe. With its headquarters in London, this body is the world’s largest and fastest growing accountancy body that at the present has 362,000 affiliates as well as students in over 170 countries. ACCA has at the moment 131,500 members world wide. The term chartered in the name refers to the Royal charter that was granted to the body in the year 1974 by Her Majesty the queen in UK.

An accountant, in order to carry out his public responsibilities as a Chartered Certified Accountant must be the member of ACCA, hold a practicing certificate, must submit to the inspections, and also be insured against any possible liability claims. The Chartered Certified Accountant is a designation that is legally protected.

In order to become an ACCA accountant it is very much essential that the accountant must pass all the requisite primary qualifications as designated by the ACCA. Along with that it is also necessary to complete 14 professional examinations along with the three years of supervised and relevant accountancy experience. The senior membership of the ACCA body is awarded to the ACCA accountants if:

  1. The members have completed three years of continuous membership with documented continued professional education
  1. If the members have been associated with the ACCA before 2002, and have completed 5 years of continuous membership.

The ACCA has a range of partnerships with the other professional institutes that allows the ACCA accountant to work with the other professionals in the same field. Some of these professional bodies are:
  1. Institute of management Accountants in the USA, that allows the ACCA accountant to get the Certified Management accountant designation once they pass the four paper final examination
  1. Financial Services Institute of Australasia that allows the ACCA certified accountants an advanced standings in the institute examinations
  1. UK Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) also allows the ACCA accountants a fast track route to be the associate membership.

There are many other international accountancy bodies that allow the ACCA certified accountants several advantages. Many countries that were previously under the Imperial rule of UK offer the same qualifications and have forged a strong association with the ACCA.