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Accountant Assistant and the Importance of the Role He Plays

The accountancy is a very vast field. It encompasses the whole gamut of operations like the preparation of financial reports, the management and allocation of resources, the identification of the profit making processes, and the processes that are incurring losses, the determination of the actual costs involved in the entire operations of the company right from the manufacturing to the determination of the costs of the product. It is a vast as well a very crucial element of the entire operations. Along with the various branches of accountancy, another profile that plays a very important part is that of the accountant assistant.

An assistant accountant performs duties that can range from as simple as giving training to the staff to that of reporting to the finance management teams.

Some of the important duties that the assistant accountant performs are:

  1. He is responsible to prepare as well as process invoices, purchase orders, contract payments, cheque requests, and manual cheque
  1. He is responsible for the processing of various encumbrances like fee for lease contracts, service contracts, rental agreements
  1. Provides guidance in the areas like purchasing as well as accountants payable transaction
  1. He is the person who ensures the compliance of standard practices
  1. He might have to recommend changes to purchasing as well as the other financial practices and policies
  1. He might have to liaise with the budget officer to solve day to day budget issues
  1. He has to take care of the cheque stock inventory and the safe keeping of the same
  1. Perform the other important general accounting duties
  1. Help in the preparation of the financial reports and present them to the finance management team
  1. Provide the basic purchasing and the accounts payable orientation to new employees
  1. The accountant assistant is responsible for ensuring data and information and security
All the above stated duties are a crucial part of the services that the accountancy department does in an organization. It is really important that the accountant assistant is a person with a lot of integrity, and honesty as well as a sense of responsibility.