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Accountant Associates: An Important Designation required to Execute Large Work   

An associate accountant refers to a noticeable occupant who can perform accounting or auditing work for the business firm. He or she is a professional that requires knowledge and application of accounting principles and procedures. Such associates are capable in supervising the performance of the organization by providing guidance and body of laws and regulation. They prepare and analyze the financial and accounting reports. The skilled accountants design new or revise existing accounting systems including electronic data processing capabilities within policy limitations of board administrative and accepted accounting or auditing procedures. Generally an associate accountant can execute both accounting and auditing works, depending on the nature of the agency program.  

In a large accounting or auditing operation the associate accountant monitors a staff of professional accountants and clerical support personnel that may vary with the nature of program. Generally, top accountants are positioned in this class. Consultation, assistance and advice are given to the program officials and others concerning technical accounting matters in the implementation, planning, and controlling of the accounting and auditing tasks. These positions are required the knowledge of the Public Service Law and of Commission Orders.

There are a number of typical activities, tasks and assignments of the associate accountants. They assign, schedule and review the completed work to see the accuracy and completeness. They evaluate employees’ performance by examining their works and comparing performance to a standard acceptable performance level. They develop and conduct training programs for the accounting staff, conduct interviews of prospective employees. These assistants provide technical help to solve accounting problems and come forward to answer of the questions from the staff insuring that all operating objectives are being met. In the conditions of field responsibilities periodic field visits will determine the progress and conduct of the work.  

In the field of financial accounting activities, the associate accountants provide advice and assistance to program officials, line supervisors and others in state and local jurisdictions. Their decisions are based on accounting and financial data reports within the established framework of accounting principles, theories, concepts and practices. They answer the concerning question of accounting requirements of program. Their advice is valuable for the program managers and staff for the proper accounting procedure and practice. Under the evaluation process these associate accountants review financial, accounting, auditing and statistical reports to identify the loopholes of breakdowns in the existing procedure to recommend necessary changes. Their expertise is important in the establishment of audit plan and determining the audit objectives is vital for the development of the company.  

Talking about the nature of job of the associate accountants, they take supervisory responsibilities for the concerning operations. And further they provide solutions for the accounting problems if needed. Their works are reviewed time to time by the superior officials for compliance with instructions to ensure that operating process is running as intended by the policy. There are certain requirements for this job such as knowledge of principles, techniques, and proficiency in the modern accounting and auditing. The working knowledge of the policies and procedure is much needed to govern the business operation. This particular designation is normally filled by promoting those having at least one year service experience as a senior accountant in the organization.