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Why an Accountant Director Is So Important To an Organization

An accounting director is one person who is the supreme authority in the company as far as its finances are concerned. The company relies a lot on the efficacy and the proficiency of the accountant director as far as the profits of the company are concerned and also in all the decisions of the company. He is the person responsible for the implementation and the maintenance of the system of internal control to safeguard the company’s assets and also to make sure that the financial reporting is done in the manner that is in compliance with all the financial policies.

Some of the duties that the accountant director takes care of are:

  1. He has to make sure that all the general accounting functions including cash management, inter- company accounting,  balance sheet management, and the royalty management are done properly
  1. He is responsible for providing the GAAP guidelines and supporting all company entities. This on many times might involve activities like acquisitions and dispositions
  1. He has to make sure that all the financial records of the company are in compliance with the rules and policies
  1. He has to ensure that the accounting systems continue to operate as it is required to. He might have to suggest any designing or validating changes to ensure that newer advancements are incorporated in the system
  1. He might also have to coordinate the work related to the internal as well as external audits during the periodic reviews of the company’s financial records. Apart from that he might have to implement the agreed upon changes and recommendations, which might have resulted from the audit findings
  1. The accounting director also has to make sure that the accounting department is replete with the most capable financial personnel that can meet the objectives as well as responsibilities. A continuous advancement of these resources is also within the domain of the accountant director’s responsibilities
He might have to directly manage the responsibility of the general accountants, billing supervisor, and the credit manager
It is required that the accounting director would have to make sure that the entire financial operations of the company are running very smoothly as well as ef