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The Importance of the Accountant Supervisor in an Organization

Accountant supervisor is a position that demands a lot of responsibility and accountability. It is very much important that the person holding this position is honest, and has a sense of responsibility. The need to have this position arose to oversee a special project or a program, provide advanced as well as expert advice on the special projects, and also to administer the day to day functioning of the divisions of the finance department. A few of the most important jobs of the accountant supervisor is to supervise the professional level accounting staff and direct a range of fiscal accounting studies.

Some other domains of functions of the accountant supervisor are:

  1. He has to direct the fiscal level studies
  1. Prepare financial reports and coordinate with the right authorities
  1. He has to maintain the accounting records  
  1. He has to represent the finance department on various committees, task forces, and while interacting with various agencies
  1. He has to advice the various departments on accounting policies as well as technical procedures
  1. He might have to develop the division procedures, policies, as well as monitor programs
  1. He is responsible to develop procedures that are in compliance with the GAAP
  1. He is the person who has to answer the queries as well as resolve any complaints related to the finances 
  1. The accounting supervisor has to supervise and coordinate work with the professional-level accounting staff
  1. He has to lead from the front while demonstrating continuous efforts to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes and work cooperatively with the various departments

A person responsible for carrying out these duties has to have qualifications like:

  1. Principles as well as practices of accounting principals and also the financial administration
  1. Principles and practices of supervision and personal management
  1. He must be well familiar with the latest procedures of record keeping, and data storing methods and techniques

Some qualities that are desirable in the candidate are:

  1. He must have good communication skills and must be adept in interacting with the clients, or even public using telephone, face to face or in a group
  1. He must be very good with numbers and figures
  1. He must be able to understand and make inferences from the written material
  1. An ability to review and check the work products of others in order to make sure that they are in conformity with the set standards
  1. Have a cooperative approach and must be a good team player
An accountant supervisor has to make sure that all the financial aspects of the company are well taken care of. He is supposed to lead a team and make sure that the team performs at its best and all the reports are prepared in the most appropriate and timely manner.