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The Tremendous Uses of the Accounting Calculator Software

The accounting calculator software has no doubt eased the accountant’s job in the long run. This technological marvel is available in almost all the forms that might be needed for the various fields of accounting as well as for different purposes. It is a well known fact that the field of accounting is a field that involves some massive calculations. It is really important that the people who do these calculations do it accurately as well as comprehensively. In the earlier days these massive calculations were done by the accountants manually and thus it was quite exhaustive as well as a time consuming effort. But the technology has changed the way accounting is done in the present times. Now with so many accounting softwares available in the market suiting the exact needs of the different fields of accounting, it is no longer as monotonous or boring.

Some of the accounting calculator software is also available online for free. Accounting software that can be down loaded for free are:

  1. Auditor Calculator: This type of calculator is a currency calculator with the tape emulation of desktop printing calculator. It’s a simple calculator that can be operated right from the keyboard. Some of the simple functions that are available in this accounting calculator software are copy/paste undo functionalities.
  1. My Ten Key 4.0: An accountant’s delight, this calculator can be used by the accountants to do the almost all the necessary calculations necessary. It includes features like conversion calculator, realistic controls, and a fraction calculator along with the ability to minimize the calculator if needed.
  1. ProKalc 7.8a: This calculator can be used for both the scientific as well as the accounting purposes. It also has the feature of the scrolling tape. In order to process the complex calculations, it has ten editable memory locations, pop-up work screens, and online context-sensitive help. This accounting calculator software also features like multi-pane financial as well as geometry modules to ease the calculations that might be required to carry out the complex calculations.  
The accounting software calculator has really helped the accountants in doing their duties a lot more easily as well as accurately.