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What’s In Store For You In The Accounting Field?

An accountant is a person who keeps track of the financial aspects of your company. An accountant is responsible for safe-keeping and recording of financial transactions of a company. As an accountant, a person works as an accounting representative, executive and accounting assistant, accountant, associate, entry-level accountant clerk, staff accountant and sometimes as a bookkeeper.

As a Certified Public Accountant a Person Has Many Responsibilities to Perform Such as:

  • Recording of general finance record books.
  • Overseeing accounts payables and accounts receivables.
  • Preparing financial reports for the firm.
  • Overseeing payrolls, wages and transactions.
  • Preparing daily financial reports and balance sheets.
These are the basic responsibilities of an accountant.

As an entry level accountant a person has to have a bachelor's degree in accounting, in order to become a certified public accountant. He can also have relevant qualification or must have done a certification course in accounting.

For an entry level accountant, one has to get enrolled in a 4-year bachelor’s degree program in Accounting or has to complete Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. Also knowledge about the related fields of business organization, principles of economics, money and banking, business law, financial analysis and information technology is mandatory. Degree programs for accountancy include the core courses of Business Communication, Business Finance, Business Strategy and Policy, Business Statistics, Managerial Economics, Management Information Systems, Cost Accounting and Principles of Finance Management. Many accountants have done bachelor’s degree program and are Certified Management Accountants or CMA. Job as an accounting - entry level accountant is considered as one of the most conventional yet rewarding positions to build a strong career.

An accountant is Very Essential in the Business World. He Can be Useful in Many Ways Such as:

  • Executives of the organization rely on the accountants to ensure that they are using their company’s resources in a manner that adds to the organization’s bottom line for the various issues of wages, rent, utilities, raw material, office supplies, furniture and communication resources.
  • Financial report made by the accountant reveals the actual cost of services and products that are manufactured.
  • It is the primary job of an accountant to disclose the profitable or unprofitable projects, services, departments and procedures to the higher management.
An accomplished accountant makes the investors feel that their money is secure and enhances the trust in the planners who have a good sense of financial planning.