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A journal refers to the record and event of the business that occurs over a period of time. It can also be seen as a book of prime entry and synonymous as a diary for the private journal. There are some journals in the form of newspapers or periodicals that publish within a certain period of time. In the same way accounting journals and magazines can be identified as the publications issued at stated intervals. They are probably scholarly academic journals, or the record of commenced transactions of a society.

A non-scholarly magazine published for the educated audience takes a look on the area of professional activity; it is generally called a professional magazine. There are some specified characteristics of the accounting and business journal that can be counted as- it is a book of prime entry of business, it takes the record of transactions that are strictly followed with the respective dates, there is brief narration of each entry. It has relevant information ascertained by research- based figures, there is debit and credit amounts mentioned in the record in adjacent columns, it has basically two columns for debit amount and credit amount. And it is not necessarily to be balanced and with the help of computerization the accounting journals may not used for routine trade and transaction like receipts, sales, purchasing etc.

There are many accounting journals, for example one can go through Contemporary accounting research, Journal of accounting and economics, Accounting Horizon, British accounting review, Journal of the American taxation association, National tax journal, etc. Readers are facilitated with a number of online accounting journals that can be accessed easily. Some periodical journals are taking nominal charge and some of them are available free of cost. Probably the articles can be found as full text HTML or PDF, and these articled are fully reviewed, edited and complete. Readers can take this advantage and apply in the business to find better result.