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The Most Viable Business Opportunities for CAs

Once you have become a certified CA then the most important and the most plausible question that would come to your mind is the availability of the business opportunities for CAs. The most basic question that you first need to answer is that whether you want to commence with private practice wherein you would be offering services to a wide range of clients, or you wish to join a large organization with many-sided financial operations.

A chartered accountant has generally two paths to choose from. These paths are taxation or doing audit as well as assurance. While opting for the tax route, the CA would be required to give the advice on the issues related to the taxes as well as in advising the clients about the possible ways of saving taxes. In the role of an auditor the CA would be required to check for the validity of the financial statements that a company presents. This profile entails analyzing the risks in the systems within an organization and then advising in ways to improve these systems and how the other areas of finance could improve the functionality as well as the reliability of the businesses.

Some of the Ways in Which the Best Business Opportunities can be found out by the CAs are the:

  1. To regularly check on the web sites of the some of the leading firms like Ernst& Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, and Deloitte.
  1. Many of the large firms regularly advertise about their vacancies in some related websites. Regularly visiting these web sites would always keep you updated
  1. It is always worthwhile to keep visiting the graduate directories to get hands on information about the organizations that you might think of joining. Once you have short listed the companies then it is best to maintain a hawk’s eye on their websites for any vacancies as they come up
There are various business opportunities for CAs once they complete their education as well as qualification. It is a well established fact that a chartered accountancy qualification can provide you with a brilliant saleable position.