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At the time of hiring certified public accountant you may feel to be encouraged to determine the experience or qualifications of that accountant. During the search of the certified public accountant many business owners prefer to work with the local accounting experts. Many employers think that working with a local accountant is more comfortable, there are also many cases where accountants work for a successful accounting firm. They have potential to provide something extra and unexpected arise to the business. In this regard the services of certified personal accountants enable to make their own decisions as per the immediate requirements. The federal government mandates that accountants who submit documents to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are eligible for the state-issued license. These license holder accountants are known as Certified public accountants (CPAs) or certified personal accountants.   

To be a certified personal accountant you need to do Accounting or Auditing. In order to become such professional you require a combination of education, work experience and pass to the exams. They are specialized in the personal financial planning and can earn a specialist’s post, the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS). This designation is recognized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The designation can only be acquired by CPAs- who are AICPA members and possess a minimum of 1,400 hours of financial business experience along with continuing education within the last five years. So they have to pass through a comprehensive and rigorous personal financial planning test. The CPA must have the three years to maintain the designation. There is one more important designation certified financial planner, it is a qualified planner as per the requirements of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners.  

The main functions of such accountant professionals are counted as the adherence to the applicable generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in financial statements. Some of these experts serve as business consultants. In the auditing functions they require professional standards and Federal and State laws to maintain independence; however most of them do not go for auditing. Many small and mid-sized firms have both a tax and an auditing department to operate virtually in any sphere of finance. Some of these areas can be categorized as- assurance and attestation services, financial analysis, income tax, management consulting, tax preparation and planning, financial accounting, corporate finance, forensic accounting, etc.

There are many online portals that have a lot of updated information about how to become certified personal accountants. Even you can access here the services of such professional in your area. They provide a large list of the accountants, so you just have to match them according to your requirement.