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The Chartered Financial Analyst Program Can Help the Accountants

Accountancy as compared to the other subjects is one of the most important subjects if we take into consideration the requirements of the business world in the present times. It is too well known that the finances play one of the most important roles in all the efforts as well as the operations that an organization undertakes.

The stronger is the financial clout of an organization the better would be its standing in the market. In addition, a strong financial status would mean a better opportunity for the company to attract investors and banks to invest in the company. Accountancy is one subject that takes care of the management of the finances of an organization.

One of the programs that are recognized globally in the field of accounting is the chartered financial analyst program. This program is an international program that is offered by the American CFA institute to the financial analysts who complete a series of three examinations. In order to acquire the designation of the CFA, the candidate is required to pass all of the three six-hour examinations and must have obtained atleast 48 months of work experience as an investment decision maker. One of the most important aspects of the chartered financial analyst program is that the candidate must adhere to the strict code of ethics and standards that governs their professional conduct.

The curriculum for the Chartered financial Analyst Program is based on the Candidate Body of Knowledge as has been established by the CFA institute. The candidate immediately receives the curriculum readings directly from the CFA Institute once he enrolls for the exam.

Some of the topics that are a part of the CFA curriculum are:

  1. Ethical as well as the professional standards
  2. Economics
  3. Financial Reporting and Analysis
  4. Quantitative methods
  5. Analysis of investments
  6. Corporate finance
  7. Portfolio management and Analysis
Legal and other types of recognitions have been granted to the Chartered financial Analyst Program. These recognitions help the CFAs a lot during the entire course of their career.