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The Fundamentals Of Construction Accounting And Taxation

The construction accounting is a kind of accounting that is applied to the construction projects. This form of accounting is a very vital form of accounting particularly if there are multiple contracts that are involved. The construction accounting uses terms that are only specific to this industry. Quite unlike the accounting done for the other fields, the construction accounting also includes in it the vehicles as well as the equipment used which might not be an inclusive part of the company’s assets.

Construction Accounting takes into Account the three Factors that are:

  1. The Direct Costs: labor, material, as well as subcontracting costs
  1. The Indirect Costs: indirect labor, insurance supplies, equipment costs, supervision, tools, and support costs 
  1. The selling, general as well as administrative costs

There are many facets to the procedure involving construction accounting and taxation. Some of them are:

  1. Classification of all construction methods as short term method or the long term method. A long term construction contract is any contract that takes longer than a year. A short term contract is any contract that is finished within one taxable year.
  1. Classification of all long term contracts as home construction or general construction contracts. Home construction contracts are all contracts that have four or fewer dwelling units. Around eighty percent of these contracts costs are for the improvement, construction or rehabilitation of these units. 
  1. Construction accounting and taxation can also be done by classifying yourself as the small contractor or the large contractor. In majority of the cases the contractors use the accrual method of taxation for their accounting
Construction accounting and taxation play a very vital role in the overall accounting. In fact the various types of contracts that are involved in the construction accounting make it a lot more complex. The taxation that is done on the construction accounting has to be calculated while keeping in mind the various differing factors.