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The Role of an Entry Level Staff Accountant in an Organization

Accountancy is one of the most important professions in the world today. The way the businesses are operating today, as well as the manner in which the complexities and newer methodologies and technique and not to mention the ever increasing role of technology are increasing their influence, the finances of a company are very fast becoming the most valuable resources of the companies. It is very much important thus that the finances of the company are well looked after. This is precisely the job profile of an accountant. An accountant is supposed to manage the financial resources of the company and to make sure that the true picture of the finances of the company is presented to the management of the company. An entry level staff accountant plays a very crucial role in the overall accounting machinery of the company.

The Primary duties of an entry level staff accountant include making journal entries into the general ledger, bank reconciliation, accounts payable as well as accounts receivable duties. An entry level staff accountant is supposed to analyze data, analyze assets and liabilities, payroll analysis, budgeting, quality evaluation of data among many other responsibilities. Some of the qualities that are desired in an entry level staff accountant are that he must be self motivated, have an assertive personality, problem solving ability, and must be well spoken as well as be professional in attitude.  As far as his education is concerned, to be an entry level staff accountant the candidate must be at least a graduate in accounting.

The growth potential for an entry level staff accountant is tremendous if the individual is hard working as well as professional. An entry level staff accountant must be honest and have high level of integrity. The management of the finances of the company is not an easy job and thus it is essential that the candidate is always prepared to face new challenges as well as situations. In many cases the candidate might be required to do all the jobs that an accountant does and thus must be familiar with the basic fundamentals of all the fields of accounting. In some cases he might be required to take the initiative and lead meetings. A dynamic individual with flair to learn new things and who is comfortable while working with the numbers can make a good entry level staff accountant.