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What Fund Accounting Jobs Are All About

Fund accounting is a type of accounting system that emphasizes on the accountability rather than the profitability. Quite opposite to the corporate as well as various other business endeavors that focus on the profit from all of their operations, the non-profit organizations as well as the government sector focuses on the accountability of the funds that they collect. The financial statements of the non-profit organizations as well as the government have a special requirement in which they have to show how money is spent rather than how much profit was earned. On the contrary the profit-oriented businesses focus on the amount of profits that are earned from the operations that are performed. Quite unlike these profit oriented organizations, the non-profit organizations and the government can maintain more than one ledger as per their requirements.

The categories of funds that are used by the non-profit organizations are the current funds, endowment funds, custodian funds, land and building, as well as equipment funds. The funds that are used by the government are the governmental funds, proprietary funds, and the fiduciary funds. An accountant who is working in any of these organizations is known as the fund accountant.

The fund accountant jobs entail responsibility like:

  • Preparing the statutory accounts
  • Preparing the monthly financial performance reports
  • Supervising the control of the treasury
  • Supervising the control of the purchase ledger functions
  • The fund accountant might also be involved in the analysis of the investment opportunities
  • Interacting with the internal as well as the external agents

The qualifications that are required in the fund accountant jobs are:

  • Atleast a degree in accounting but ideally a candidate that has the certificate in accounting like the CPA, the CA, CIMA or equivalent is more in demand.
  • Relevant experience of about 2-4 years is always preferred.
  • Hands-on experience in working with the technologies is mandatory
  • The candidate must be a good team player
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal as well as written)
  • Excellent presentation skills are also required
Along with these, the candidate is also required to be honest as well as has strong integrity as he would be exposed to a large amount of information and financial data of the organization.