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A Summary of a Junior Level Staff Accountant’s Job

A junior staff accountant is one of the most important cogs in the entire accounting machinery of the organization. It is really important that the person who is chosen as the junior staff account is honest, has integrity, as well as is professional in his attitude. The finances of an organization play one of the most important roles in the entire operations of the organization. It is not only important for the sustaining of the organization, but also in the further advancement and the future plans of the company. The annual or the quarterly financial reports of an organization indicate the true standing of the company in the market but also determines whether they can go ahead with their growth plans.

A junior staff accountant is a person who has to take care of the responsibilities like account reconciliation, preparation of journal entries, documenting as well as evaluating current processes, reviewing as well as reconciling the balance sheets, and income statements. The junior staff accountant has to focus on the areas like fixed assets, general accounting, and trend analysis. He is also supposed to understand process flows, as well as controls.

The Breakdown of the Job Profile of the Junior Staff Accountant would be as follows:

While taking care of the fixed assets:

  1. He is supposed to take care of all the entries to fixed assets and also check for appropriate depreciation periods
  1. He has to maintain the documentation of the fixed assets
  1. Maintain a schedule of fixed assets in the accounting system
  1. Sometimes he might have to work with the IT department to maintain correct reports of the fixed assets for the technology purchases.

While taking care of the purchasing cards:

  1. He has to resolve any coding errors from purchasing card information
  1. Work in synergy with the procurement office to get all the information
  1. Do the monthly download of purchasing card information from the purchasing card system to the general ledger.

In order to become a junior staff accountant the necessary requirements are:

  1. Must be at least a graduate in accounting or business
  1. Experience in a computerized accounting environment
  1. Some years of experience in the field of staff accounting
  1. Strong analytical ability
  1. Well versed with the requisite computer skills like spread sheets