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Payroll Accounting Management Software to Maintain Employees’ Payroll Features

The Payroll Accounting Management Software caters to the management needs relating to provident fund, employees’ provident fund, and Employees State Insurance. The self explanatory programs are easy to use and have been developed as per the needs and requirements of the clients. The Payroll Accounting Management Software is programmed as per the rules and regulations stated in Employee’s Provident Fund Provision Act, Employee Pension Scheme and Employee Provident Act.

The Payroll Accounting Management Software is an important tool that enables you to maintain all your office accounts easily and gets updated automatically. At any time of the year, you can add new staff members to the employee list that gets updated automatically and calculates salary once data in entered.  This software has a wide scope and can handle multiple companies at a time.  The software has been developed as per the government rules and helps in easy calculation of PF fund of employees, ESI calculation for the employees, bonus for the old employees and can also file PF returns automatically.
The key purpose of this Payroll Accounting Management Software is to streamline the processes involved in payroll accounting. This software is not only safe to use, but also has security features. The accounting software also uses intelligent validation for each entry.

This software is used by various multinational companies to keep records of the employees and clients. The data for each individual and company is fed only once in the system and it can be retrieved for any type of calculation whether it is for calculation of a salary or a Provident fund of employees. Multiple transactions can be handled at a time; thereby maintaining details of each employee individually.

The PF funds of the employees are calculated automatically and deductions are done accordingly. This software enables you to manage employees’ payroll quickly and is capable of generating all types of reports relating to outputs of the company. This is a flexible Payroll Accounting Management Software that can be used as per the user preferences.