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Payroll Solutions Available to the Business Owners

Selecting the right payroll solution is a crucial decision for all business owners. There are different types of payroll solutions such as Online Payroll, Payroll Software and Payroll Services. When selecting a payroll solution you need to consider the resources required to implement them.

In- House Payroll Management using Accounting Software

When companies run payroll in-house, they use payroll software or run payroll within accounting software. The company is accountable for all upgrades to the software, including tax table and tax rate changes. This option is suitable for the ones who need high level of control over their payroll. They believe that the main duties such as Generating checks, withholding taxes, tax return filings, and payroll tax payments should be done by someone within the business. These companies do not rely on a payroll service that do not provide the flexibility they need. With payroll software, changes in the data can be made instantly and there is no need to wait for somebody else to incorporate them.

However, to maintain in-house payroll, you need a person who is not only familiar with payroll laws, but also familiar with the accounting side of payroll.

Payroll Services

There are companies that believe in outsourcing payroll duties to be able to focus on cost business activities. These companies use payroll services. They provide electronic services, generate and deliver checks, withhold taxes, make tax payments, file tax returns and compute, distribute, and file year-end forms.  

Payroll service offers a simple solution and handles most payroll duties in a smooth and efficient manner. This is the most expensive payroll solution.

Online Payroll

There are companies that wish to avail the ease of a payroll service and at the same time they need control over their payroll. Online payroll is the best payroll solution for them. Online payroll offers varying levels of service.  Clients are not responsible for maintaining tax tables or updating software when using an online payroll provider. The payroll data is stored on secure servers and is encrypted when being transmitted. Electronic services are also available. This is the least expensive payroll solution as compared to Payroll Software and Payroll Services.

You need to choose the payroll solution as per your business needs.