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Senior Accountant- A Key Post in the Organization That Contributes More Than Required

The post of senior accountant includes a huge responsibility for applying accounting principles and procedure in analyzing financial information. His work includes the preparation of accurate and timely financial statement with adequate reports and the most important thing is that senior accountant ensures the appropriate accounting control procedure. This is the highest post in accounting jobs that requires the relevant experience of around five to nine years and costs high salary to the company. 

There are some important facets in the job description of the senior accountant that can be counted from many areas. He/she prepares and directs the preparation of audits, financial statements and fiscal reports. Senior accountant reviews and recommends the amendments in the accounting system and procedure. He assists the financial services manager to prepare annual district budget and is responsible for subsidiary accounting records involving a variety of accounts and transactions. He monitors the financial activity on assigned programs and reviews accounting documents to ensure accuracy of information and calculation for correct financial entries. He takes the matter of damage-control measures and grant related expenditures. Senior accountants audit the payable, payroll distribution, cash and fixed assets. His skill is required to maintain various ledger accounts including reconciliation of the district general, revenue accounts, expenditure and cash balance. He compiles and analyzes financial information to prepare financial statements for monthly and annual accounts. His job ensures that the financial reporting meets every deadline.   

Senior accountant provides support in the process of employees’ evaluation and counsels them to recommend initial discipline and other personnel decisions. His support is vital to plan, assign, review, organize and evaluate the work of professional and technical support staff. Sometimes, he recommends for the selection, training and work procedures of staff.   

Talking about the aspects of education and experience for the senior accountant, he should have a set of skill, apart from the academic degree and experience. The accounting degree or equivalent certificate is acceptable for the post. His knowledge of economic principle, accounting and auditing practice plays important role in the process of business. Usually this post requires a minimum 3 years experience in the field of management and financial system. His skill of computer applications is very much demanded nowadays. And his knowledge of applicable laws, codes and regulations is vital to smooth running of business.

In any business organization the reputed post of senior accountant possess a lot of key competencies to sustain for long. His attentiveness in the business activities is useful for appropriate planning. The communication and dealing skills play decisive role to solve problems within a short time period. On the other hand his supervisory and stress tolerance skills are key factors to perform better in the business.

Seeing all these attributes in one designation, there should not be any doubt about the role and contribution of senior accountants in the organization. Sometimes, the whole business process revolves around this one post.