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The Role of a Senior Level Staff Accountant

Accountancy forms the backbone of any organization in the present day business scenario. Almost each and every process as well as procedures that any company is involved in has to be backed by the financial clout of the company. The investment the company is seeking from various banks as well as investment agencies depend a lot on the financial standing of the company as well as its reputation in the market.  As a result an accountant who is the key player behind the management of the company’s finances play a very crucial role in the entire operations of the company. Accountancy is further divided into various categories like staff accounting, forensic accounting, financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, and many other similar classifications.

A senior staff accountant plays a very crucial role in the entire accounting machinery of the organization. Before hiring a senior staff accountant it is really necessary that the organization check for the qualities like honesty, integrity, as well as commitment to work.

The Job Profile of a Senior Staff Accountant includes operations like:

  1. He has to make sure that the entries made in the journal are entirely well documented as well as maintained
  1. If any unusual activity is taking place, then he has to prepare a monthly trend report by GL account.
  1. He is also responsible for preparing the monthly cash flow projections for the corporate treasuries
  1. He is the person responsible to prepare the balance sheet account analysis
  1. A senior staff accountant has to prepare the monthly reports for the internal management
  1. He is also responsible for preparing the ad hoc management reports 
  1. An important task that he has to perform is the preparation of the monthly as well as quarterly reports for the corporate
  1. A senior staff accountant is also responsible for the preparation of the GL entries as well as acct analysis
  1. Another important functions that he has to perform is to provide the wire transfer information to the corporate treasury for wire transfer requests
As a senior staff accountant it is necessary that the person is strong in integrity and character and is very much honest and sincere in his approach to work. The internal financial reports that he prepares and analyzes and presents to the management are the ones that decide the future course that the company would be charting. A senior staff accountant has all the information regarding the flow of finances in the organization as well as the future plans that the company has. It is thus very much imperative that the senior staff accountant is a man whom the management can trust.