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Small Business Accounting Software

Effective accounting management system is very important even for the small businesses in order to launch long term financial goals and maintain day to day viability. As an owner of a small business mostly one is multitasking as CEO, manager and a salesman and don’t really have time to be an accountant as well. In that case a good small business accounting software can come in handy by allowing you to manage your cash flow hands on and that too without spending much time. Using this software package you can pay bills, generate reports and even forecast revenues just by making a few clicks here and there.

Here are a Few Tips to Select Small Business Accounting Software for Your Business:

Look for User-Friendly Software: You must select accounting software that has an interface resembling the traditional paper counterparts and allows you to navigate your way around it immediately. You must be familiar with the layout of the business accounting software you are using as it will make it easier to intuitively explore its functionalities.

Internet and E-Commerce Features
: If sales and orders online is what your small business relies on then you definitely need a small business accounting software that connects impeccably to e-Commerce functionalities. Look for something that you can effortlessly hook up to your bank’s payment portal online and be able to track the payments made by your clients to you and bills paid by you.

Compatibility with Frequently Used Programs
: You must look for accounting software that is compatible with the frequently used programs in your company. For example: if most of your records are based on Windows then you must look for a small business accounting software that  synchronizes easily with most Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Excel. This will help you to integrate all your existing records without corrupting any data.

Professional Reports Included in the Software
: You must examine the professional reports included in the accounting software carefully. There are some software packages that generate numerous kinds of reports but you may not use more than half of these reports, so you need not pay the extra price. You must focus on more vital reports instead like time-billing and tax filling reports, if you need such.

Expandable and Multiple-User Accounting Software
: If your business is expanding quickly then it is an excellent idea to invest in multiple-user and expandable accounting software that has the features to integrate inventory tracking, payroll functionalities, job costing, and other efficiency features. These software may cost a little more but its worth investing in them for the fast growing small businesses. 

The Most Used Small Business Accounting Softwares are:

  • Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Simply Accounting Software
  • MYOB Plus Accounting Software
  • Peachtree Complete Accounting Software
  • Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting