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Staff Accountant Designations Play Important Role in the Organization

The purview of staff accountant job contains a wide description under which such professionals performs an array of responsibilities. They are responsible for performing administrative functions including preparation of journal entries, account reconciliation, and documentation and evaluation of current business procedures. The services of the staff accountants are being delivered to the clients of the family office.

Generally, the area of staff accountant’s focuses on the simple accounting, fixed assets as well as trend analysis. Some other duties refer to the works related to review and reconciliation of the balance sheet and income statements. They work within the chain of command of a company that is responsible for providing information and advising to the personnel in the line position. Staff accountant job description has to be lucid and clear according to the staff hierarchy. Here the departments are revenue consumers and their managers are fully responsible for activities. A line manager may have direct control over staff employees but staff manager does not possess any such power over the employees.

There are some specific duties included under the staff accountant jobs, these duties and responsibilities are as follow:

  1. These professionals maintain bookkeeping and accounting records including journal and cash accounts, monthly account reconciliation and bill paying.
  1. They interface directly with clients of the family office and provide them high level service.
  1. Staff accountants are responsible to maintain cash flow analysis, balance sheets and income statements.
  1. These people coordinate billing for outside service providers and vendors in order to maintain a tickler system to track cash flow. 
  1. They assist controller in the process of estimation and tax calculations for clients. And, further their support is crucial in maintaining a document retention system for legal and planning document.
  1. They provide light to the administrative services for the family office in the areas like receptionist services, scanning, calendar maintenance and photocopying.
Talking about the specific knowledge and skills required under staff accountant job, here is a short description about it. First of all, these accountants are expected to have the knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping software (Quickbooks, Great Plains), proficiency in Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel, PowePoint, and Access. They have to have the ability to communicate verbally and in writing. Their ability to manage multiple projects on the given deadlines is essential for the organization.