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The Essentials of Staff Accountant Responsibilities

Staff accountant responsibilities are one of the most important duties in the entire field of accountancy. It is really important that the staff accountant is a person with a high degree of honesty, integrity as well as a sense of duty. The principle responsibility of a staff accountant is to make sure that the resources of the organization are well taken care of and are in the best shape possible to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

Staff Accountant Responsibilities include:

  • He has to prepare reconciliations
  • He has to take care of the journal entries
  • Perform general accounting as well as grant support
  • He also has to assist with the reconciliations of the general ledger
  • He might also be required to maintain files as well as perform administrative tasks

In an organization that is big in size as well as has huge assets, the staff accountant responsibilities include:

  • He might have to maintain the appropriate documentation for all fixed assets
  • In order to maintain the correct accounting of fixed assets for the technology purchases he might be required to work in synergy with the IT department
  • He has to make journal entries to close or open the WIP accounts
  • He might have to maintain a schedule of the fixed assets in the accounting systems
  • Review all entries to fixed assets to ensure accuracy and depreciation periods

Related to the purchasing cards the staff accountant duties include:

  • Resolving of any coding errors from coding card information
  • Reconciliation of the purchasing card entries with the submitted documents
  • To obtain all documentation with the help of the procurement office
  • He has to download the purchasing card information from the purchasing card system to the general ledger every month

Considering the high importance of the responsibilities that are entailed in the staff accountant responsibilities, the desired qualifications from the aspiring candidate are:

  • A graduation degree in accountancy and business
  • Some years of experience in the accounting field
  • Experience of working in the computerized environment
  • The candidate is supposed to have good oral as well as written communication
  • Strong analytical abilities
  • Might have to juggle multiple responsibilities
A staff accountant is one of the most important persons in an organization. It is required that the person is honest, as well as have a strong character as the entire well being of the resources depend upon the reports that are prepared by the staff accountant. It is really important that person should be trustworthy.