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Who Is a Staff Tax Accountant and What Does He Do

Within an organization a staff tax accountant plays one of the most crucial roles. As a team member his primary responsibilities are that of preparing the stand-alone business tax returns, individual tax returns, financial statement related tax returns, and he also might be required to do some light tax research.

The staff tax accountant’s job profile can be classified into several categories:

Management of People: Under this category staff accountant has to perform the following duties:

  • He might be entrusted with the training and development of tax interns during the tax season
  • He might have to mentor the entry level staff accountants as well as interns
  • He might be responsible for training the less experienced staff tax accountants and paraprofessionals
Servicing Clients: In the course of serving clients the staff tax accountant might have to perform these duties:
  • He would have to prepare the tax returns both the personal as well as business that are assigned by the supervisors
  • He might have to maintain the property and equipment records and then calculate the depreciation as well as amortization
  • He might have to commence the complicated consolidated business tax returns  
  • The staff tax accountant is well aware of the budgets and has the ability to work along with the supervisors to stay well within the budget
  • He might have to do some light research in the areas of taxes, that might include payroll as well as sales tax
  • He has to prepare the tax returns
  • He might have to work with the journal entries, trial balance, as well as tax accruals for stand alone tax returns
  • He might also have to interact with the clients pertaining to the information needed to clarify issues.   
Administration of the Departments:
  • He has to support the department goals, guidelines as well as policies
  • He might have to take an active participation in other administrative activities that might be requested by the partners, supervisors, senior accountants, as well as managers
  • He is supposed to be a have a great command on atleast one departmental software application
Some other Responsibilities might include:
  • Development of client peer network
  • A keen understanding of the client care and services
  • Might have to develop personal marketing plan
  • For the betterment of the organization and its functions he might have to pursue CPA certification and sit in all scheduled exams